August 2022 Champs Fam Letter


  • alyssa

    please cover something by taylor swift!! :)

  • Karla G.

    You guys are the best! This band brings me so much joy! Y’all are funny af too! I love being a part of the champs fam, it was so worth signing up. keep up the good music and good vibes and you’ll get even farther than you are already! Can’t wait to see you in the fall 🤘xo

  • Chris Madsen

    Please, please, please drop some more acoustic songs!!!
    I have been secretly ensnaring my friends to be State Champs fans from listening to your acoustic music and then slowly integrating them into the regular stuff. :) It has worked with both my Husband and my best friend, I am now working on my best friend’s wife. She will be a diehard before you know it ;) See you in December! Albany NY!!

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