5 Questions with Bren Spaulding...

1. When did you first become a fan of State Champs?  

    I first became a fan of State Champs in 2016. Luke Hemmings of 5SOS was wearing ATWAB globe shorts in photos and i decided to look up what they meant. I’ve been hooked sense then!

    2. How has State Champs affected your life?

      From the tattoos that are permanently on my skin to positive memories that will stick with me forever, State Champs has made an impact on my life i’m very grateful for. I would never have been able to meet so many wonderful people, travel to new cities and experience pure happiness if not for them.

      3. If you have attended a State Champs concert - what was it like for you?

        Hoping to hit my 50th show in 2022!! I can never say enough good things about State Champs live. Every single show is filled with so much positive energy, dancing around in the pit, screaming the lyrics back at them and crowdsurfing over the barricade. None of it ever gets old. State Champs gets better with every single tour, individually and as a whole. It’s been absolutely amazing to watch the growth over the last few years.

        4. Any suggestions for what we can do/set up for Champs Fam?

        Maybe some giveaways? Overall the Fam Forum is such a fun thing to be apart of, i love being able to connect through it.

        5. If you could give State Champs a message - what would it be?

        Nobody has time for that amount of cringy sappiness. So simply, thank you.