5 Questions with Megan Courtney...

1. When did you first become a fan of State Champs?
I'm going to be totally honest with you here and say that I truly did not become a fan of State Champs until Living Proof came out in 2018. I saw them twice before then, once with All Time Low, and once at Warped Tour, and I just didn't give them the time of day until then. I know, I know, I slept on them, but now I know all of their discography, and hold it close to my heart.

2. How has State Champs affected your life?
The band's music, more specifically, Living Proof, has such a special meaning to me, and without getting too up close and personal, I'll try to explain why. When Living Proof came out in 2018, I was GOING THROUGH IT. It affected my relationships with certain people, my schoolwork, my job, pretty much every aspect of daily life, and I was in such a hard place. When I first heard "Dead and Gone," the line "I wanna breathe with ease again, I wanna get some f*cking sleep again," really resonated with me. I knew the way that I was feeling wasn't okay, and I wanted to feel normal again. This album gave me the courage to cut ties with some very toxic people, and, what can I say, helped me get my head on straight again.

3. If you have attended a State Champs concert - what was it like for you?
Altogether, I think I have seen the band seven or eight times in total. The first couple of times I don't really count, but the last three, oh man, it was liberating. It felt like going to therapy, and afterwards, I felt like I was on cloud nine for DAYS. The most recent time, November 2019, I was on center barricade with my best friend, and I was SCREAMING Dead and Gone at the top of my lungs, specifically the lyrics mentioned above, and I just felt so free. I felt as if the flood gates had opened, and everything that I had been holding inside me came flooding out, and I didn't have anything to worry about anymore, at least for a second. It's my Safe Haven, if you will. (This is the second champs pun I've made in two questions I'M SORRY)

4. Any suggestions for what we can do/set up for Champs Fam?
iPhone cases would be pretty cool! Other than that, I love this community.
5. If you could give State Champs a message - what would it be?
Thanks for helping me get my head on straight again when I really needed. You guys are some of the most genuine, kindest boys I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, and I can't wait until we cross paths again.

P.S - Derek, can I have my sharpie back?

Thanks for this awesome opportunity!