5 Questions with Natalie Morales

1. When did you first become a fan of State Champs?  

    The first time I listened to State Champs was around the Summer of 2014 and I was immediately hooked.

    2. How has State Champs affected your life?

      State Champs have brought me so many new friends, adventures to so many new cities/states and music that has helped me survive in life.

      3. If you have attended a State Champs concert - what was it like for you?

        I have attended 30 Champs shows in 12 different states. From Albany to Honolulu to Orlando to Las Vegas. Every show in every state is just as crazy as the last. The energy is off the charts and it's always such a great time!

        4. Any suggestions for what we can do/set up for Champs Fam?

        I love being in the Champs Fam, one thing we could maybe add would be like game nights. I don’t know how it would work but along the lines of our monthly video chat if we could play some sort of game!

        5. If you could give State Champs a message - what would it be?

        Thank you for being so great to all of your fans. Thank you for everything you've ever done or said to me. Thanks for all the tattoos you've written out for me. Thank you for giving my and my best friends something to enjoy and have a great time together. See you guys in NJ and Albany!