5 Questions with Jordyn Russom...

1. When did you first become a fan of State Champs?  

    May 21st, 2011. I know the exact date because I posted Stick Around on my tumblr after the first time I listened to it 🥺

    2. How has State Champs affected your life?

      State Champs was actually the band that got me into pop punk! I used to go see them open for bands like Bayside, Transit, Man Overboard, I Call Fives, Handguns, etc. before I even liked any of those bands. Listening to pop punk and going to shows was pretty much my entire personality in high school, and also made some of the most special memories from my youth.

      I'm from a small upstate NY town about 25 mins north of Albany, but I spent a year living in California in 2017/2018. I was there when Dead and Gone was released and I was really homesick. I couldn't believe my ears the first time I heard "I need to get upstate again" at that exact time in my life.

      Fast forward to the Pure Noise Tour that just wrapped up, my grandma passed away the day before I was supposed to go to all 3 of the NYC shows. I really did not want to leave my house, but it had been almost 2 years since I last saw my favorite band, which is by far the longest I've ever gone without seeing them, so I sucked it up and forced myself to go and it really gave me a much needed distraction and helped me heal so much.

      3. If you have attended a State Champs concert - what was it like for you?

        The MOST fun! I knew they were special the first time I saw them play at bogies (RIP). At some shows I would say I'm just going to chill in the back of the crowd and my friends always give me crap because they knew I would end up in the crowd pitting and/or crowd surfing almost every single time. I can't help but tear up at a lot of the shows because I cannot believe the little local band I used to go see at a venue with no toilet paper or soap became what they are today.

        4. Any suggestions for what we can do/set up for Champs Fam?

        It seems like y'all really got it down. I'm a sucker for any one of a kind Champs memorabilia, so more of that would be cool. I've always said I would pay an obscene amount of money for a custom State Champs canopy tent (like from warped or any other fest).

        5. If you could give State Champs a message - what would it be?

          I'm not sure if people realize the pop punk scene I entered as a 14 year old girl has been completely revolutionized since then, and I think State Champs played a major role in that! Maybe it was just in my head, but it was really looked down upon to be a "fan girl" in pop punk back then but y'all have built the most wholesome, inclusive, and welcoming community.