5 Questions with Katie Ahrens...

1. When did you first become a fan of State Champs?
I first became a fan in 2014!

2. How has State Champs affected your life?
They’re such a feel-good band. Whether it is in the way their music sounds or how they treat their fans, I always leave any Champs-related experiences feeling energized. (To say they leave me feeling elevated would be too easy of a pun). I’ve met many of my friends at Champs shows and have made countless memories while traveling to see them play. Truthfully they are the best band in the game currently - to be a part of this community is to truly be part of something special.

3. If you have attended a State Champs concert - what was it like for you?
I’ve been to MANY State Champs shows in several different states (so many in fact that Ryan had to ask me where the heck I actually live! 😂) I’m someone who goes to a lot of shows in general, but nothing beats seeing State Champs. It always feels like home. A Champs concert means I can just exist in a space of pure bliss for that time. Nothing else matters besides getting lost in the music and enjoying myself.

4. Any suggestions for what we can do/set up for Champs Fam?
Nah, you’re golden this is wonderful.

5. If you could give State Champs a message - what would it be?
Thank you for creating a space for honest interaction and the best jams for driving with the windows down on a sunny day. You have been such a source of light from the start and continue to go to such great efforts for your fans. The community you have created is incredible, and we all are so thankful for what you do to stay in touch. For me personally, you have been the direct cause of countless smiles, pop-punk jumps in basements with close friends, shattered vocal chords, sunburns, barricade bruises, and irreplaceable memories. I miss you, and can’t wait to see you again!